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Global Recycling Day- 18th March 2018

Cities across the world including Washington DC, Dubai and London are gearing up to celebrate the inaugural Global Recycling Day taking place on the 18th March.

The initiative which was developed by the Bureau for International Recycling (BIR) is aiming to change the attitudes towards recycling by thinking ‘resource’ not ‘waste’.

On the 18th March 2018 in London, BIR said that the Global Recycling Day team will showcase the scale of what is possible, by using large bundles of recycled materials at a central location.

On social media, supporters of the day will be encouraged to use #GlobalRecyclingDay and adopt an exclusive Global Recycling Day border to their profile picture.

Global Recycling day aims to secure the future of our planet by conserving the world’s six primary resources and celebrating the power of the Seventh Resource – the goods all around us that we reuse and recycle every day. More information can be found at

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